Cyber Safety

1 Becareful when on Twitter, Facebook, Ask.Fm etc

2when adding random people you dont know only add people you may know in real life

3Anotther way to keep safe is by have your profile Private so no one can access and see your information

4Dont trust people if they say they are 14 or around your age dont trust them untill you know them


I learn Video

This semester we did a 2 to 3 min video

so we all had 3 to 4 people in a group we all started filming and we were doing different films and we all were soon finished

once we finished it you save movie to render it then you use handbrake to shorten the films space to make it work properly and once it has been all finished the whole class had there video watched

Cyber Bullying

Today we done a task about Cyber bullying we went on a website about Cyber bullying.

When we were on the website we had got told to make our person and change our room so we had to try out the chat room on the website.

So we had to test the chat room out so we can experiance the that not everyone was a bully we found out that you cant give your information out to strangers that you dont know

Making mixtures

At science we were mixing oil and detergent.

1. get a test tube then get half of water in the test tube then we got oil put 3 drops of oil in the test tube the shake it then observe for 2 mins

2.mixing solid mixtures okay this mixture is diffrent this what you do you get a teaspoon of sand then a teaspoon of salt in a watchglass then you get a microscope and observe it.

3. Mixing solid / liquad mixtures you have to get a spatula then get half a teaspoon and half of water in a test tube once you done that shake it then you observe it untill it mixes

My science work

1 How successful were your predictions? my predictions were kinda right but most of it was diffrent.

2 Are all metal objects attracted to magnets? well some but the only metal that i know is attracted to piece of nickel, nails, paper clip and some others.

3 Were any non-metal objects attracted? any non metal was attracted it is’nt really possible but they may be some non metal objejects can probaly atrract.

4 Which object seemed to be attracted the most strongly? What do you think it was made from? well im not sure in our science class we ddin’t get to have any strong metal but they may be a type of small metal that is strongly magnetic.